South Carolina Judge Orders AquaLaw and Robbins Geller Wipes Lawsuit to Proceed Against Six Fortune 50 Defendants, Denies Defendants’ Arguments for Dismissal

December 27, 2021

On December 13, 2021, AquaLaw and Robbins Geller achieved a victory in their flushable wipes lawsuit in the federal District Court for South Carolina when District Court Judge Gergel denied defendants’ motion to dismiss the case. Defendants put forth a number of arguments attacking all of the claims of Plaintiff Charleston Water System (CWS), represented […]

Federal Court Delivers Major Victory Upholding State Primacy and Flexibility in Nutrient Criteria Development

June 15, 2021

The United States District Court Judge Laughrey of the Western District of Missouri upheld EPA’s approval of Missouri’s nutrient water quality criteria for lakes and reservoirs. EPA’s approval was challenged by the Missouri Coalition for the Environment (MCE). The decision is a landmark, nationwide precedent that bolsters the flexibility afforded to states in nutrient criteria […]

Pennsylvania Appeals Court Upholds Nutrient Trading

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania affirmed the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board’s May 2020 decision authorizing PADEP to allow nutrient credit trading permit provisions. In 2017, Food & Water Watch (FWW), filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board (Board) attacking the nutrient trading provisions in a Pennsylvania poultry processing plant’s NPDES permit. FWW argued, […]